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Classmates We Are Unable to Locate


We need your help!  As your reunion committee we want to do everything possible to be sure every classmate is contacted about this year’s reunion. We have no contact information for our classmates listed below. Soon we will be mailing out a Save The Date postcard for the classmates addresses we have and will probably have some of those returned because of an incorrect address. Please come back and check this list in the future to see if any new names have been added. If you have a mailing address, email address, phone number, social media information or any other way to reach them please contact a reunion committee member or email their contact information to our class email:


Thank You so much for your help in this important concern!



  • Mike Davis

  • Jean Green

  • Gene Hill

  • Deborah Humphries

  • Shelia McClure

  • Martha Reece

  • Rebecca Ann Smathers

  • Vickie Smith

  • Mike Wells

  • William Wells

  • Michael Keith Carver

  • Johnny Mack Vance

  • Terry Meadows

  • Betty Jane Smathers

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